Bree Gomez

artist - designer - entrepreneur



Bree Gomez is a local San Diego-based public artist, designer, entrepreneur and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As an artist, she strives to transform spaces into places of destination by creating functional work that is accessible, therapeutic and harmonious within its environment.  She works with a variety of sustainable materials such as glass, metal, ceramic, sound and light.

Since studying at SAIC with renowned public artist, Jaume Plensa (Crown Fountain, Millennium Park),she has been captivated by the field of placemaking and utilizing sound and light to activate public spaces.  During her studies with Plensa, she created a proposal for the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, which culminated in a public exhibition at Richard Gray Gallery in the John Hancock Center.

By addressing the inaccessibility of light from the inside out, my proposal, Correction utilized phototherapeutic light to transform the Metropolitan Correctional Center into a place of rejuvenation for prisoners and pedestrians alike while also illuminating the invisible barrier that exists between us. 


Medium: Steel, Aluminum, Sound Responsive Rope Lights, Internal Motion Responsive Sonar Computer System

Dimensions: 144”H x 120”W x 24”D

Accord is a dynamic and engaging sculpture comprised of strands of light that are interwoven within a metal structure. Upon investigation, a sonar beam emitted from within the sculpture captures movement and converts it into recognizable tunes such as the violin and flute. The lights then respond to the sound generated by movement. By utilizing the captivating medium of sound, light and metal, Accord provokes interaction and dialogue. Furthermore, the sound component of Accord enables those with limited mobility an opportunity to communicate using sound.

Public Light & Space


Medium: Phototherapeutic Light, Electrochromic Glass, Mahogany

Correction uses light in a therapeutic way, healing the prison from the inside out by implementing the phototherapeutic green light into corridors within the building, such as dining areas to improve the overall mental health of the inmates.


Medium: Sand Cast Glass, Steel, Mahogany

Dimensions: 72”H x 36”W x 24”D

Refraction is an internally illuminated cast glass sculpture inspired by the delicate nature of the human body.


Medium: Blown Glass, Water, Carnations, Food Dye

Dimensions: 60”H x 72”W x 4”D (eighteen hand‐blown vessels)

Through an alchemical fusion of suspended glass, water and life, Assimilation reflects an ongoing investigation of science and nature.


Medium: Upcycled CDs, Motion‐responsive sound, LED Lighting

Dimensions: 168”H x 48”W x 144”D

Cascade is an interactive eco sculpture comprised of thousands of unwanted CDs from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, sound and light.

Lighting Design

Medium: Blown and Sandcast Glass & Metal Fixtures

Blown and sandcast glass chandelier and wall sconces.

Captiva Collection

Medium: Glazed Porcelain

I use a secret process to create these highly textured porcelain sculptures.

Material Explorations

Medium: Copper-Plated Porcelain

I created a 3-part plaster mold of a shell to produce a slip-cast porcelain shell. After firing the porcelain shell in the kiln, I glazed it and then performed an electroplating experiment with copper. Afterwards, I used a propane torch to expedite the oxidation process.


Medium: Cast Bronze & Freshwater Pearls

I created a wax sculpture of a tropical leaf through the lost wax process. The sculpture is comprised of cast bronze with a copper patina and freshwater pearls.

Mr. Man

Medium: Reupholstered Chair


Medium: Cast Bronze & Glass

Inclusion was created by memorializing real pomegranates in bronze. Rather than utilizing the “lost wax process”, I coated the actual pomegranates in ceramic shell and after burning out the fruit’s ash, I filled the void with molten bronze.


A variety of designed object explorations.

Brand Design

Compilation of selected brand packaging and logo designs.


Medium: Carved Carrara Marble and Terracotta

Rivelare “Reveal”, in Italian is a life-size sculpture comprised of marble and terracotta ceramic. The marble represents the strength of the horse while the terracotta represents it’s fragility.

Sugar Glass

Medium: Sugar

Sugar martini glass insert experimentation.


Medium: Cast Glass & Steel

Dimensions: 2’H x 16’W x 0.25’D

Illusion is comprised of sand cast glass with embedded steel rods that can be placed a variety of distances therefore providing a sculptural illusion.